May 18, 2012

Great read for those who are beginning to add social media on your employees To-Do List.

The Podium

By Dennis Walsh, Senior Consultant & Director of Social Media

On Monday, Houston-based Francesca’s Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: FRAN) announced that it had fired its chief financial officer, Gene Morphis, after discovering he had “improperly communicated Company information through social media.”  This case highlights how important it is for all companies to have a clear social media policy in place and to educate top executives on their roles and responsibilities as company spokespeople.

Mr. Morphis was very active on Twitter, publishes a personal blog, and has public profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Mr. Morphis spoke freely about his duties as CFO of Francesca’s in his Facebook status updates, which were open for public viewing.  In one example he states that he just completed a roadshow for a secondary offering, which appears to have been announced via press release prior to the post.

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May 16, 2012

Digital vs. Social Media

I attended an exceptional presentation by Cody Littlewood (Eastman Chemical Company) at a local PRSA chapter.

Here are some of the notes I took from his PPT:

Data can make mtkg communications:

  1. Targeted

  2. Measurable

  3. Produce Increase in ROI

  4. Effective Mktg in general

Average costs:

$332 in Outbound Mktg (per year)

$134 in Inbound Mktg

Cost per meeting:

Trade shows: $2,500

E-mail: $700

Paid Search: $250

Average ROI for Social Media (SM) for 2011: 95% from $300k converts to $285K

Average ROI for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2011: 2500% from $300k converts to $7.5M

Average ROI for Email for 2011: 5700% from $300K converts to $17.1M

” email, SM, SEO over 3 years from $2.7M converts to $74.6M

44% of decision makers use a social network

14 Billion monthly searches

Consumers are demanding value and information for free

B2B Business have increase success online than B2C

Social media converts 1400% higher than other channels

B2B businesses are spending 34% of mktg in digital

May 7, 2012

Just Graduated and Using Social Media to Get a First Job

Lindsey Kirchoff’s blog photo



Amazing author, Social Media Marketing Guru, David Meerman Scott: Giving advice to New Grads/Young Professionals entering the workforce (view below):

May 6, 2012

Top Articles of the Week for Young Professionals

May 3, 2012

Why More Women Aren’t in Corporate Power Seats

Why More Women Aren’t in Corporate Power Seats by WSJ

One Tip: Dress Well & Play Golf! See video below to learn more tips….

April 30, 2012

More Young Women Start their Own Business

I’m about to officially register my business this week, I’ve been consulting for a few months. I’m 26 years old & with an MBA degree. Companies can’t afford to hire someone full-time to do their online engagement marketing in this market in East TN. I would love to work at a company or organization and executive everything I’ve learned, until then I consult with passion!

Here’s a video (from the Today show) about millennials starting their own business and opting out of sending resumes:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

April 29, 2012

Guess How Many Top 25 Business Schools Do not Teach Social Media/Business

This is from Forbes:

“According to ComScore, social media now reaches over 82% of the worlds online population.  Nearly 1 out of every  5 minutes spent online is used to engage on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn – along with other social media activities. Approximately 33% of US mobile users access social media on mobile devices. And a century of video is uploaded to YouTube every 10 days.

Yet 36% of the top 25 business schools do not have a single social media or social business focused class.”

Which of the Top 25 Business Schools are Teaching Social Business?

My question is: how do you expect the next business leaders (those replacing the retiring Baby Boomer in less than 10 years) to communicate with customers in the future present without the right education? 

April 29, 2012

Top 50 Facebook Business Pages for Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Region FB Pages Ranked by # of Likes
 50. One 12 Downtown
49. Babycakes Cupcakery
48. The Down Home
47. O’Mainnin’s Pub
46. Mo Sabri
45. Electric Cowboy JohnsonCity
 44. Blue Plum Festival
43. Abingdon Cinemall
42. Abingdon Virginia
41. 95.9 The Hog
40. The Main Street Pizza Company
39. Moto Japanese Restaurant
38. The Santa Train
37. Holston Medical Group
36. Pick Bristol
35. My Bristol
34. Johnson City Press
33. Rob Williams
32. Purple Cow
30. Bristol TN/VA
29. Kingsport Fun Fest
28. Wings Air Rescue
27. Jinger And Izzy in the Morning on Electric 94.9
26. Kingsport, Tennessee (city)
25. The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music..
24. Bay’s Mountain Park & Planetarium
23. Mark Reynolds
22. Bristol Dragway
21. Daytime Tricities
20. Josh Smith
18. Johnson City (place)
17. Kingsport, TN (community)
16. 88.3fm WCQR
15.  2 Ton Tattoo Gallery
14.  East Tennessee State University
13. Johnson City (business)
12. Johnny Wood
11. Times-News Online
10. Barter Theater
9. Bristol Rhythm and Roots
8. WXBQ Morning Air Show Fan Page
7. Pal’s Cheddar Rounds
6. Appalachia Service Project
4. Mellow Mushroom Johnson City
3. Electric 94.9
2. Pal’s Sudden Service
1. Bristol Motor Speedway

Information was provided by ETSU, I just added Links to make it easier to find!

April 25, 2012

Social Media Discussion at Virginia Intermont College Alumni Weekend with Pictures

Leading Social Media Discussion . Photo by Leah Prater

Discussing the Power of Twitter. Photo by Leah Prater

Speaking about Horses with Lady in Plaid who graduated over 65 yrs ago. Photo by Leah Prater

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