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May 25, 2011

Get more loyal customers by personalizing your site with Pet pictures

If you are reading this you either have a pet, horse, or work in this great industry. I love it when companies incorporate pets on their Facebook, Twitter, and website. They humanize it when they add pictures of their dog, cats, etc in their website. As a mother of a chocolate lab, I always get a kick out of pictures of other dogs whether they take them to work or make them pose at their desk doing something silly. It makes me want to spend  $$$ at their store, since we have this bond in common. One of my favorite stores to shop, Eddie Bauer, uses a mascot, their black lab, named Eddie, shown here with his half-brother, Bass (chocolate lab) by sending Facebook updates and Tweets of his puppy pictures, camping, and birthday. Good way to stay on the mind of their customers in a non-harassing way! Bravo!!!

Eddie and Bass

Eddie (Bauer) and BassEddie on Facebook!

Eddie on Facebook

May 18, 2011

The latest on the sudden outbreak of Equine herpes virus hitting the Western U.S. horse country

Here is the latest coverage on Equine Herpes Virus:


The Horse


More details about this virus, Click Here

May 12, 2011

Learning (even) more about SEO, Keywords, Blogging, Social Media

I’m searching for the perfect internship in marketing. I decided it is not enough that I’m graduating with a Masters of Business Administration degree in October and that I have a huge following in Twitter, Facebook, and on Youtube as a blogger. To keep myself competitive I have decided to start an aggressive training for an (“Inbound Marketing”) online certification from HubSpot (Cambridge, MA) a software company that helps increase visitors, convert those visitors into leads, close the leads easily, and has useful tools for analytics.

This course includes 16-(one)hr online classes from experts in the industry, 10 reading assignments (including case studies), and topics include:  Advanced SEO Tactics, Keywords, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Analytics, Lead Nurturing, and Email Marketing to name a few!

To my fans, I will be a little bit quiet in the next week or so as I try to finish this challenging and exciting course in the next week. All I can say is that I am not the same person I was a few days ago, I am learning so much information, as of right now, I am half way done and I have this sudden and high confidence in myself that I can make a difference to the company that chooses me as an intern because of the knowledge I’m obtaining from HubSpot!

Here is more info on HubSpot:

May 5, 2011

What would life be like without Twitter? (Pets, Horse, Agriculture)

If I didn’t use Twitter, I wouldn’t have met the most amazing/influential/successful people in the industry, been the first person to tell my social circle about breaking news (like this), and had a form to express my thoughts creatively to my followers.

Here is the link to the article, infographic created by Hubspot, I personally think the funniest is #8 (on the cartoon):

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