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May 24, 2012

Women on Boards Lead to a Higher ROI

Valentina handing her Biz Card, Photo by Leah Prater

Two great reads if you’re currently trying to decide on adding a new Board member, perhaps a female? What about increasing your ROI?

Companies with women on their boards have been proven to lead to a higher ROI.

women are the power users of many products and it’s just smart business to have an understanding of key customers around the table. Could you imagine a game company without any gamers on the leadership team or board?” Read more:
Why Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman

Finally, Forbes does a great job tying in the previous article and focusing on the ROI of having a woman on the Board, read this: Facebook Is Ignoring Its Most Lucrative Users

May 6, 2012

Top Articles of the Week for Young Professionals

May 3, 2012

Why More Women Aren’t in Corporate Power Seats

Why More Women Aren’t in Corporate Power Seats by WSJ

One Tip: Dress Well & Play Golf! See video below to learn more tips….

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