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About Me

I was raised in the hip city of Miami known for it’s beaches and rich
culture. Most people don’t know theres a rural area within Miami called
“Horse Country” and the town of Homestead for those who seek a country
lifestyle within driving distance. My agricultural (AG) background is
limited to riding gaited horses as a teenager in Horse Country and assisting
an equine Vet throughout south Florida. I eventually moved to Gainesville to
pursue a degree in Animal Science, specifically in Equine Industry at
University of Florida and near the “Horse Capital of the World” Ocala, FL.
As a student of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, I started
having friends who came from a farming background and really enjoyed being
part of this friendly community full of stories of working the land.

Go Gators

Go Gators!!!!

I eventually graduated, got married, and worked in the “real world” during
the recession. I did sales for a medical equipment company right out of
college. But had a secret desire to pursue marketing with an emphasis on the
latest innovative tool to reach customers through social media. In addition,
I was very fortunate to find a job during this economically challenging
period but I knew I wanted to find a job in Equine or Agriculture. The
turning point was when I had to have a tonsillectomy procedure that required
me to be in bed rest for two weeks without speaking. I picked up Social
Media (SM) marketing books and started tweeting with the illusion to get
major AG companies to notice me and get hired. I came back to work and quit
my job in sales and signed up for a Master’s degree to formalize my passion
in Marketing and improve my chances to get hired in the industry that I


(Mother to Chocolate Labrador, “Hershey” aka “Herchito” (Spanish) and “Crazy” (he is a lab afterall)

About My Work

Social Media Marketing Consultant creating lasting Impressions, Revoluntary Knowledge and Techiques in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogging, YouTube, Mac software, Vlogging,  Business Consultation.

“Valentina believes business performance and growth is possible with the implementation of Free & Simple Tools such as Social Media”

Interested in growing your customer base? Contact Valentina now! mvalentinaescobar@gmail.com

More about my Equine Background….

As an Equestrian Blogger, Valentina keeps up to date with the latest events in the Equestrian Community. Her understanding of the issues, stems from years of experience in the industry in diverse areas such as Reproduction, Nutrition, Management, Health and Marketing.

Experience has taught her the value of a formal education and Valentina graduated with a degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Florida with a focus on Equine Industry. She worked for a Feed Store that was rated the highest seller in the state by Equestrian Retailer in 2008. Her extensive work in reproduction, gave her the experience needed to work with one of the most experienced and respected Veterinary practices in Southern Florida as well as opportunities to work with small animal practices as well.

Valentina’s Disclaimer

Valentina strives to stay current on materials based on Equines such as magazines, articles, and equine websites. She writes articles with the best of her knowledge. She is not a Veterinarian or Nutritionist, therefore please consult with a Veterinarian before changing the current vaccination or other program pertaining to your horses. Most importantly she enjoys teaching fellow equine lovers, clients, and customers what she knows about horses and latest news in the industry.

One Comment to “About Myself”

  1. Cowgirl’s Spurs
    Cowgirl – beauty strength loyal, honest and true
    Starts her day with coffee and a smile, very seldom blue
    Staring out the kitchen window, “Damn, this place is grand!”
    Rigors of day to day ranch life, “Sure could use a hand”
    Work the kinks out of those colts, they’re only green broke
    They must be quiet and tame, to sell ’em to city folk
    One more coffee, and a shower, ready to start her day
    Hard work, nothin’ new to her, help, or get outa the way!
    Cowboy hat, tight wranglers, T-shirt – no frills or furs
    No matter, what this cowgirl wears, always got her “spurs”!
    butterfly cowboy

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