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July 31, 2011

Hog wild for micro-pigs

Let’s put horses and dogs aside for the moment. I have been dying to own a piggie one day. I finally found the perfect solution! A Tea-cup pig! They are at about 50-100 lbs as an adult, hypoallergic, and house-trainable!

Check out the details here: Hog wild for micro-pigs.


a Teacup pig


July 27, 2011

Latest on Mobile Marketing by MSNBC

Hi Everyone:

I just attended an American Marketing Association (AMA) event based on Mobile Marketing. Mary Stenmark is the Regional Sales Director at and she presented this amazing powerpoint, you’ll be shocked about the stats of where the future of mobile marketing is headed, check it out below:

July 15, 2011

Be Hip and Be Noticed, Get a QR Code

I’m beginning to see it everywhere in the Pet market, Horse industry, and the general public in magazine advertisements, flyers, and growing substantially in business cards overseas. These “Quick-Response” (QR) Codes are read by smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, Androids)and  link you to websites, phone numbers, and much more.

Google your phone model and “QR Code” and it will tell you which apps offer you QR Code Readers on your smartphone. To get your own QR code, I tried this site and code my own code, please see below. Let me know if you want me to explain more about this subject, or if you have questions email me:

Valentina's QR Code for Blog

Valentina's QR Code for Blog

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