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June 26, 2012

Want to Hire a Millennial, Here’s What You Need to Do

I’m pretty satisfied working for myself because I’m aware that most employers do not offer flexible hours, enough mentorship, and training (I’m not even mentioning the money issue). I also know I’m going to help more small business and non-profits through my own work, my sense of accomplishment is enough to keep me going. Here’s a  infographic (By YEC & MBA@UNC)  breaking down understanding what makes the millennials tick, this is important because by 2020, we’ll make up almost 50% of the workforce:

Infographic by Millennials


May 7, 2012

Just Graduated and Using Social Media to Get a First Job

Lindsey Kirchoff’s blog photo



Amazing author, Social Media Marketing Guru, David Meerman Scott: Giving advice to New Grads/Young Professionals entering the workforce (view below):

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