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April 11, 2011

How Major Companies can Cater exclusively to the Horse Market

Someone unknown to me sent me this link to a video on Youtube, I thought this video was a great example of how major companies can effectively market to the equestrian industry such as how BlackBerry has done with this video, I give them an A+

April 6, 2011

Bravo! New generation of Farmers are Emerging

I thought this article from the NY Times was very inspirational and an eye opener to young/ambitious/eager gardeners that they are not alone, farming is the new trend. My tomatoes are finally starting to turn red!

My Tomato Garden is turning red

Tomato is turning lovely red



April 2, 2011

Before there was a Horse, there was a special lab

Lots of folks ask me how I got started with horses. Actually my first love was with dogs. As a kid, I would take care of the dogs of a family, they had a chocolate labrador named Samantha and a mix breed dog called Spartacus. I would walk/feed them daily and give them baths, as a 11-year-old kid, Samantha would take me “for a walk” sometimes, she was huge but very sweet and loveable. I would always have a soft spot for labs. Eventually, I started taking horse back riding lessons and my interest in dogs transferred to horses. In junior college, I spent equal time working with both companion animal and equine vets. Nowadays, as I spend more time in school/projects and unable to ride extensively, I have started to focus my attention back to canines. As I look back, I remember I always promised myself growing up that when I graduated college and made $, I would one day I would be able to afford a chocolate lab of my own. In 2008, I found “Hershey” in a local ASPCA and we have been inseparable since…

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