ROI Return on Influence My Book Review

Valentina with author Mark Schaefer

I had the pleasure of meeting author Mark Schaefer at Social Slam in April. I was blown away by his presentation of the value of influence in social media platforms and the power of a high Klout score (i.e. hotel room upgrades)

Instead of telling you how much I enjoyed the book, I will share some of the various items I highlighted throughout the book:

  • “Social Media is like a Darwinian hyper catalyst. Business better adapt, adopt, and become the fittest because the societal pressures through self-publishing and reviews like this are unprecedented”

  • “…increasing proportions of corporate marketing budgets are now dedicated to creating content and encouraging interactions that may capture a share of that conversation”

  • “There is content strategy and network strategy. Content strategy is the stuff you create that is valuable to other people, and network strategy is what you have that let’s you share it”

  • “Content is the currency of the social web, and today, creating it is as easy as typing text, uploading videos, and hitting the “publish” button”

  • “Find the influential housewife, not a professional salesperson, to the selling for you”

MUST READ when you purchase this book:

  1. Ways to emphasize timeliness in your content creation (pg. 80)

  2. Perks! Visit some of the Perks awarded to those with high Klout scores (pg. 132-133)

  3. Five Key Benefits of Influence Marketing Programs (pg. 135-137)

  4. Influence Marketing Best Practices (pg. 149-151)

  5. All of Chapter 10: How to Increase your Klout Score

  6. The Three Steps to Improving Your Klout Score (pg. 158)

  7. Other books recommended by the author to create “an effective presence on social networks” (pg. 161)

  8. How to Spark Engagement with your audience (pg. 164-166)

Warning: Reading this book will make you paranoid of your Klout score! I couldn’t put the book down and stop checking my Klout score.

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