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July 18, 2012

Benefits from Targeting in the Hispanic American Market

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara on the cover of Forbes Magazine

I get excited when I read Forbes writing an article about The Next Media Jackpot: The Fight For The $1 Trillion Hispanic Market

From the article:

“There are now 52 million Americans of Latin-American ­de­scent. By 2050 that number is projected to reach 133 million, meaning that nearly one in three Americans will be Hispanic.
..annual spending power is already $1 trillion and will climb to $1.5 trillion by 2015, according to Nielsen Media Research.
If Hispanic Americans were a nation, it would have the world’s ninth-largest economy.”

Companies don’t realize there are cultural sensitivities when reaching different types of Hispanics, you can’t just post an image of a Mariachi band in your Ads because that isolates your message strictly to Mexicans. Not all Hispanics are Mexicans. Same as not all Americans are Southerners. Imagine someone from NYC or Portland seeing an AD that targets Southerns. They won’t identify themselves as such and most likely not buy from the company.

Key point: Research! You can’t approach Mexicans the same you would European influence Argentines. You can’t introduce your brand informally to nationalities that are follow strict customs such as South Americans (Argentines, Ecuadorians, Chileans) vs. formally addressing the playful bunch of those from the Caribbean (Puerto Rican, Cubans, Dominicians) who have been in the USA for over 50 years.

Contact me if you’re interested in branding to the Hispanic Community with Social Media. Remember “The median age of U.S. ­Hispanics is 27 — smack in the middle of the media world’s most coveted 18-to-34 age range” plus I’m millennial with an MBA degree.

October 12, 2011

Getting easy leads in the Latino Market – brand loyal group

Picture Found from "The Virtual School @ Vanderbilt University"

Happy Heritage Month! I cannot put enough emphasis into the Hispanic Market for new leads and marketing launches. Hispanics are Brand-Loyal! As a person who was raised in Miami which includes a 70% Hispanic population, I not only speak Spanish fluently, I know how to deal with the different types of Hispanic countries. For example, you wouldn’t greet, treat, entertain someone from the New England area to the Southern States to those who live in Silicon Valley or Out West the same way . In my case, hispanic individuals are unique, each country carries a different custom and way of speaking (dialect) and guess what: I’ve mastered how to communicate effectly from Cubans to Colombians and Mexicans to Argentines. So this is what I know:

According to “Hispanic Marketing: A Critical Market Segment” for:


49% of U.S. Hispanics who watch television during prime-time hours, watch Spanish language programming.” <—-This includes 7-10pm prime soap opera time on predominantly two channels Univision & Telemundo. Guess what sticks out to me from my childhood? I need to buy a Toyota and I need to drink Coca Cola commercials. I have been brainwashed to buy these brands because they have invested a lot of commercial time in my youth.


Radio is a proven, effective medium in targeting Hispanics. The most unique aspect of Spanish-language radio stations is the time spent listening. The Hispanic population often listens to the radio all day. The entire family may listen to one station and tune in, on average, 26 – 30 hours per week. This ranks more than 13% above the general population.” <—– In Miami there were many spanish-speaking stations, find out if there any available in your area, invest in translating your information, and make sure you have someone who speaks Spanish in your company!

Direct Marketing:

Overall, Hispanic households are 3.5 times more likely to respond to a direct mail solicitation than a non-Hispanic household; 72% say they always read their mail, including direct marketing; 60% of the direct mail sent to homes is in English;52% of the respondents speak only Spanish in their homes.”  I don’t know if Hispanics are frugal but I like my coupons through the mail- I use them!

Let me know if you need assistance in launching a marketing campaign to this demographic, I would be glad to help!

Please note that I received the information in Italics above from this site: Click here

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