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December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays from Hershey

Happy Holidays, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by family and loved ones

from Valentina & Hershey

December 21, 2011

America’s pet frenzy: Finding the balance [infographic]

LOL. This is a huge niche, (Infographic from Frugal Dad)

“Pet Dogs Visits Vets 2X than Men aged 18-45 See Their Doctors!!!”

We do spend $ on our pets but guess what…..

“Dog owners live 3+ years longer than average Americans!!!”

Read it below!

October 27, 2011

Picking the Perfect Pet for your Family (flowchart included)

Furry Friend Friday is back. On fridays, I post topics related to pets for fun & humor. Check out this flowchart of which pet is best for you (based on your availability/needs) plus videos of funny pets below:

Infographic found at Alltop.

September 12, 2011

Promote your business through my Blog

If you’re a business in the pet, horse, or agriculture industry -beef, dairy, swine, etc (four-legged industry) and want me blog about your store, farm, or pet/animal please let me know, I’m new to the area (Tri-Cities) and I would love to meet new individuals in this industry. I’m available blog using pictures, videos, and mentions on social media platforms to my audience.

This is my Marketing Persona a person who owns pets, horses, and works in agriculture (visit picture below)

Don’t forget to visit my Contact Page

© Mathies

September 11, 2011

9/11 rescue dog’s story

Kaiser the Dog Hero of 9/11

This is an impressive 9/11 story of 12 year old German Shepherd Kaiser, please visit his amazing story in the video below

9/11 rescue dog busy as anniversary nears – 13 WTHR.

There is also a book mentioned in the video about the Dog’s of 9/11:

September 2, 2011

Furry Friends Friday (Top Pet Videos of the Week)

Here is a selection of the top pet videos of the week:

Doggie dances with Owner

Man Taming Zebra

Kitty & Doggie Love

Tyson, the talking dog

August 27, 2011

Color Impressions and your business

In an effort to offer my best knowledge of marketing to my audience and clients, I have completed a Certified Color Specialist course. Color is important in what you offer your customers in the way you project your brand, logo, and brand. What is the impression that you’re really offering your clients? Upbeat or casual? Mainstream or all-Natural. Are you current with the latest trends in the industry?

Click below to view my final presentation for certification, upcoming color trends for the equestrian industry:

August 26, 2011

Furry Friends Friday (Videos)

Each week I try to round out some unique pet videos of the week. Here are a few:

Ok Go- White Knuckles (Great Dog Training)

Loyal Dog at Funeral of a Navy Seal  hero Jon Tumilson

August 13, 2011

Listen to the Godfather: Watch Your Competitors


Whether you’re in the Pet or Horse industry, you can’t help to notice that when you walk into a feed store or pet store/speciality shop, there are hundreds of products out there ranging from shampoos, dental items, creams for nicer coats, tack, etc that promise that THEIR product is better than others. Don’t even get me started on those products that are organic and holistic. Not to mention those products that have box-ads, a DVD playing their pitch in-front of the cash register, or even those advanced in marketing that say “Scan this QR code for more info on how this product can make “Fluffy” do…”. How can you separate yourself from your competitors? In this highly competitive industry, I suggest you read this article below that covers all the basics.

I found this article from a tweet from Social Media Guru, Susie Blackmon, who originally got it from Heidi Cohen’s website. (The article explains why I used Andy Garcia’s picture) Click below for the full article:

16 Competitive Marketing Elements to Track

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