Learning (even) more about SEO, Keywords, Blogging, Social Media

I’m searching for the perfect internship in marketing. I decided it is not enough that I’m graduating with a Masters of Business Administration degree in October and that I have a huge following in Twitter, Facebook, and on Youtube as a blogger. To keep myself competitive I have decided to start an aggressive training for an (“Inbound Marketing”) online certification from HubSpot (Cambridge, MA) a software company that helps increase visitors, convert those visitors into leads, close the leads easily, and has useful tools for analytics.

This course includes 16-(one)hr online classes from experts in the industry, 10 reading assignments (including case studies), and topics include:  Advanced SEO Tactics, Keywords, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Analytics, Lead Nurturing, and Email Marketing to name a few!

To my fans, I will be a little bit quiet in the next week or so as I try to finish this challenging and exciting course in the next week. All I can say is that I am not the same person I was a few days ago, I am learning so much information, as of right now, I am half way done and I have this sudden and high confidence in myself that I can make a difference to the company that chooses me as an intern because of the knowledge I’m obtaining from HubSpot!

Here is more info on HubSpot:


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