Before there was a Horse, there was a special lab

Lots of folks ask me how I got started with horses. Actually my first love was with dogs. As a kid, I would take care of the dogs of a family, they had a chocolate labrador named Samantha and a mix breed dog called Spartacus. I would walk/feed them daily and give them baths, as a 11-year-old kid, Samantha would take me “for a walk” sometimes, she was huge but very sweet and loveable. I would always have a soft spot for labs. Eventually, I started taking horse back riding lessons and my interest in dogs transferred to horses. In junior college, I spent equal time working with both companion animal and equine vets. Nowadays, as I spend more time in school/projects and unable to ride extensively, I have started to focus my attention back to canines. As I look back, I remember I always promised myself growing up that when I graduated college and made $, I would one day I would be able to afford a chocolate lab of my own. In 2008, I found “Hershey” in a local ASPCA and we have been inseparable since…

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