Transitioning to new Blog…”Pick your Stallion” par-tay

Sorry everyone! I have been bouncing back and forth between blogs,  I originally had a Go Daddy blog, then I used my Mac blog, now I’m back to WordPress because I would like to be able to add more widgets and get feedback (comments) from you all that I don’t get with the Mac Blog.

Looking forward to writing up a storm one of these nights…I’m invited to a “Pick your Stallion” party this sunday, this should be interesting. I have to pick between 7 Friesians stallions for my friend’s mare, I’ll try not to judge by looks but I can’t forget about the Equine Reproduction Internship that I completed in college. I told the (party hostess) owner, give me some stats on the stallion’s sperm like: concentration, motility, shape, and stallion’s reported pregnancy rate, testing negative for CEM??? If you are a horse owner you would know that AI (artificial insemination) is extremely expensive and people can’t be judging the stallion simply by it’s looks!

I’ll keep you posted!


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