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March 10, 2012

Who Are We? Women, The Web and Self-(Mis)Representation

Really smiling or not?

As I was having dinners with friends, I was asked if I’m really as social as people perceive me to be? Are you really that person your seem to be online?

This article that I found on Forbes makes me ask myself and hopefully yourselves “Who Are We? Women, The Web and Self-(Mis)Representation“? <–because I want to be honest candid with my audience!

I can relate to this quote from the article “I am so much nicer online than I am in the real world.” Not just nicer, she says, but more approachable, supportive and inclusive”

Is this the message you want others to see of you? Is it just to gain followers, retweets, “friends“???

Moreover, this quote struck a key “what to present to each audience in the digital realm is often dictated by who’s there. “Facebook is who you went to school with…Twitter is who you wished you went to school with.”

Finally, why do we post all the things we do? Or seem like someone else? According to this article on Forbes, it is for L_O_V_E!

Your thoughts? Does your online persona reflect who you really are in person?
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