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August 13, 2011

Listen to the Godfather: Watch Your Competitors


Whether you’re in the Pet or Horse industry, you can’t help to notice that when you walk into a feed store or pet store/speciality shop, there are hundreds of products out there ranging from shampoos, dental items, creams for nicer coats, tack, etc that promise that THEIR product is better than others. Don’t even get me started on those products that are organic and holistic. Not to mention those products that have box-ads, a DVD playing their pitch in-front of the cash register, or even those advanced in marketing that say “Scan this QR code for more info on how this product can make “Fluffy” do…”. How can you separate yourself from your competitors? In this highly competitive industry, I suggest you read this article below that covers all the basics.

I found this article from a tweet from Social Media Guru, Susie Blackmon, who originally got it from Heidi Cohen’s website. (The article explains why I used Andy Garcia’s picture) Click below for the full article:

16 Competitive Marketing Elements to Track

August 8, 2011

10 Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Budget

I found this article on Entrepreneur Magazine, it is a must read, please read it very slowly, I seriously think it can save your company $100s if not more, or it can make you look like a superstar to your boss. Great tips for pet/equine/agriculture industry, niches!!!

“Useful strategies to help you maximize your campaigns and save money” Click Here to Read Full Article

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