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December 21, 2011

America’s pet frenzy: Finding the balance [infographic]

LOL. This is a huge niche, (Infographic from Frugal Dad)

“Pet Dogs Visits Vets 2X than Men aged 18-45 See Their Doctors!!!”

We do spend $ on our pets but guess what…..

“Dog owners live 3+ years longer than average Americans!!!”

Read it below!

August 11, 2011

Social Media and Building Community

This PPT places emphasis on being humble in your community, focus on being a participant, not just the owner. You have to celebrate your customers and follow steps to strengthen your community. This can be easily applicable to the Equine, Pet, and Agriculture community where folks are educated and need to learn about what they’re giving their pets and/or now want to know where their meal comes from.

Š Mathies

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