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Twitter's @IdahoGayle -- her family grows wheat, garbanzos & lentilsI love Mediterranean and Indian foods and have eaten lord knows how many chickpeas or garbanzo beans in my adulthood! So when I came across a farmer on Twitter — Gayle Anderson, also known as @IdahoGayle — who grows the precious bean, I had lots of tweets of thanks. Whether it was hummus, falafels, or an Indian dish I can remember the name of, I tend to eat them up.

Now and then, when I get garbanzos for my salad or happen to eat something else featuring the bean, I send a #thankafarmer tweet to Gayle. Its something so uncommon to think of — who grew the chickpeas we’re eating — but now I have a name and a face to go with my meals. That helps me remember to be thankful for the hands that were involved before the food got to me.

I’ve read some of her blog…

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