How to Set up a Mobile Website Part 5

My previous blog articles are based out of this useful book: Go Mobile, about the latest in texting, 2D Codes, location-based campaigns.
Valentina's QR Code for Blog

Valentina's QR Code for Blog

How to Set up a Mobile Website:

  1. Fundamentals for physical places such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops: include location with mobile-friendly map, your menu/services with prices, hours of operation, phone number, if you have Wi-Fi. Include a hook (promotion)
  2. Brick & Mortar Retailers: mention products, nearest locations, hours of operation, & buy products via mobile devices
  3. Law firms, Accounting firms, other professional firms: include a map, number to the receptionist (if lost within the building), make sure it has lots of white space, it makes it looks first class), finally include a click to call option
  4. Non-profit organization: install a large “donate” here button (red, upper right-hand side), add links, and provide one photo!
  5. Check out fast your page uploads by using
  6. Avoid flash & video!

Learn more of my previous notes of Mobile Marketing Campaign? See Part One, Two, Three, and Four

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