Launching Mobile Marketing Tips Part 2

Continuation of my notes found in the book, Go Mobile, about the latest in texting, 2D Codes, location-based campaigns.

Valentina's QR Code for Blog

Valentina's QR Code for Blog

How to get Set-up a General Mobile Campaign:

  1. Get a QR Code for Blog
  2. Run a Google Voice Search (things might direct you to different site by how you pronounce it)
  3. Download Foursquare, Where, SCUNGR to “Check-in” (coming soon: promos)
  4. Set up site as “.com/mobile
  5. Add Mobile Website Plug-in for WordPress
  6. See how Fortune 500 Companies use it
  7. Register business with location-based service
  8. Try a Display Ad (can be done by iAd, AdMob, Millenial Media, Mobclix)
The book tells you how Fortune 500 Companies did it, like:
  • SMS Campaign, Red Cross: Haitian Earthquake made $32M
  • HBO’s True Blood, adding bloody fingerprints on app
  • North Face, geo-fencing, special offers on location
  • Intel’s B2B Mobile Paid Search Campaign

Still not convinced about starting a Mobile Marketing Campaign? Need Stats on Why you Should Start an Mobile Marketing Campaign? Then visit my previous posts.


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