Launching Mobile Marketing Tips Part 1

Finally! I have been sharing statistics I have found in the book, Go Mobile, about the latest in texting, 2D Codes, location-based campaigns.

Now to start generating ideas about how to get started. There are a couple of things to keep in mind such as (according to the book) “People use their phones for quick info on inexpensive or low-consideration products or services, probably not planning on comparing ratings & reviews on washing machines.”

 Make sure you run a “A/B Split Test” meaning you have two versions of the same ad and making minor changes to each of them such as “Valentine’s Day Special” or “Valentine’s Day Flowers

Suggestions on writing Ads (from pg. 142):

  1. Write headlines that focus on your product, not your company
  2. Describe benefits in the body copy: Same Day Delivery vs. Beautiful Roses
  3. Always include a CTA (Call to Action) such as “Click now for Discount
  4. Make sure the ads links to a landing page, NOT the home page!
  5. Include keyword on your Ad

Not convinced about Mobile Marketing? Want Stats on Why you Should Start an Mobile Marketing Campaign, then you should visit my previous posts.

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