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February 8, 2012

Mobile Marketing Stats: Part II

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Valentina's QR Code for Blog

As promised, here is the continuation of the Statistics of Mobile Marketing Campaigns obtained from the book, “Go Mobile” by Jamie Turner. Stay tuned in the next blog entry for more stats and tips about launching a mobile marketing campaign.

  • Mobile Ads were opened by 61% of participants vs. standard web ads 7% opened
  • Shocking: Approx. 30 secs to make a presentation which typically outline a problem/solution benefit of the product/service. In Mobile, you have 2 seconds! (average time of a double click)
  • Google reports 81% of smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile devices. 50% use the internet on the phone while waiting. 70% would rather give up beer than their smartphones if faced with that choice!
  • Google: 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile optimized website.
  • Text are read within 4 mins of receipt as opposed to 48 hours for email.
  • Retaining simply 5% of your customers can translate to increased profitability of 75%.

Stay tuned for the next section of my notes from this book, which includes tips on launching a mobile marketing campaign. Visit previous posts on this topic on Mobile Marketing Stats.


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