How Horses Change our Lives

Today marks a new day to me, I am completely focusing all of my energy to the Equine Industry, everyday I research more about the Science of the Horse by reading various publications and I came across two articles that explains why people (men and women) are captivated by them and how Horses can change kids lives for the better (if given the opportunity).

“His & Her Horses: Men and women have their differences especially in their relationships with horses” by Ange Dickson Finn for April’s issue of Horse Illustrated  magazine, explain’s that women prefer focusing on establishing a relationship with their horses  throughout their lessons, while men most likely enjoy the challenge and sport (i.e. such as enchancing their riding skills). Women are detailed oriented on specifics such as clothing and the horse’s turnout.  Men are about getting it done and quickly! They like to set goals with their horses. For more about the author, please visit her website

There was another article that captured my heart this week. Everyone knows horses can transform the lives of anyone, if given the chance. There is a horse  farm in the rural areas of South Central Los Angeles in the city called Compton which in the past has been considered one of the most dangerous towns in America. The kids at Compton Junior Posse obtain free riding lessons in exchange for good grades and staying out of the gangs. The program at the farm teaches the kids good values and horsemanship but they also receive etiquette, body mechanics, and balance. It is amazing, that most of the people that visit this farm have been impacted by violence including some of the former program participants have even been killed. The great thing about this program is the kids get to be involved with others, even Olympians such as Will Simpson at HITS and also Julie Goodnight filmed an episode of the Horse Master TV show with the kids. Finally Mandy Porter a Grand Prix rider coached the Posse at Thermal. For more details, please visit, the source of this article, Dappled Gray


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